Enhanced Security Management Features in TallyPrime

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Enhanced Security Management

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Tally Vault

As a business owner, safeguarding your business data is paramount. Utilize Tally Vault to ensure the confidentiality of your information through advanced encryption techniques.

Enhanced Security Management Features in TallyPrime
Define multiple security levels

TallyPrime enables you to establish multiple security levels, define user-specific rights, and allocate precise access permissions to employees based on their roles and responsibilities.

User management

Managing user creation and permissions in TallyPrime is straightforward and efficient. You can easily create multiple users, assign appropriate security levels based on their roles, set passwords, and deactivate users as needed.

Audit trail

TallyPrime’s edit log feature helps you maintain the edit logs, for each transaction along with the date & time of each change, including the name of the user who initiated the change and details of the deleted transaction. Not just transactions, you can track the changes made for accounting ledgers, accounting groups and stock item masters. What’s more? You can easily track the modified transaction from reports and get to know the modified elements by comparing them quickly with a previous version.

Password policy management

Implementing a robust password policy is crucial for enhancing data security and ensuring only authorized users have access to financial data. In TallyPrime, you can establish a password policy that dictates password strength requirements, expiry periods, password history management, and options for users to change their passwords regularly.

Business reports in TallyPrime

With TallyPrime, you get access to a wide range of reports that help you analyze business performance and improve decision-making. What’s more? You can access business reports on your mobile or any device, from anywhere. Experience now with the sample data.

Accounting Reports
  • Ledger reports
  • Cash/bank books
  • Purchase/sales register
  • Bills receivables
  • Bills payables
  • Bills ageing analysis
Financial Reports
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & loss A/c
  • Trial balance
  • Ratio analysis

Inventory Reports
  • Stock summary
  • Stock ageing analysis
  • Movement analysis
  • Stock transfers
  • Stock item cost analysis
  • Location/godown summary
  • Stock-item-wise profitability
  • Order summary
  • Batch summary (Mfg. & Exp.Date)
  • Re-order status reports
Management Control Reports
  • Cost center
  • Cost Category
  • Budget
  • Cash flow report and projection

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