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Other Valuable Features

Generate eInvoice instantly

With TallyPrime’s fully integrated eInvoice software solution, generate e-invoices instantly without altering your existing invoicing process. Automatically generate e-invoices and print IRN & QR code on the invoices seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Bulk e-Invoicing

In specific business scenarios, there might be a need to generate bulk e-invoices. With TallyPrime, you can effortlessly send bulk invoices directly to the IRP for e-invoice generation, while also automatically fetching and printing QR codes on the invoices. This process offers complete flexibility, allowing you to choose whether to send all invoices or select only those you want to generate e-invoices for.

Generate e-Way Bill along with e-Invoicing

The e-invoice system (IRP) is inherently integrated with GSTN and the e-way bill system. TallyPrime utilizes this integration to generate e-way bills concurrently with e-invoices for invoices that necessitate e-way bills. This seamless process helps you save both time and effort.

eInvoice Report

TallyPrime produces dedicated e-invoice reports, providing a comprehensive overview of transaction statuses. Gain complete visibility into generated, pending, and cancelled invoices, among others. This includes an e-invoice register, aiding in the efficient management and tracking of e-invoicing tasks.

Online e-Invoice Cancellation

In certain scenarios, it may be necessary to cancel invoices for which IRN has already been generated. With TallyPrime, you can easily cancel such invoices and directly send the cancellation details to the IRP from within the software.

eInvoice in TallyPrime

More features to seamlessly manage e-invoicing

  • TallyPrime supports an offline mode of e-invoicing by exporting the invoice details in a JSON file. This helps you in situations such as internet connectivity issue, system is down, etc.
  • An alert mechanism to ensure you are in complete control of e-invoices from accidental modification/deletion etc., and redundancy in case of multi-user environment.

e-invoice reports

  • Correction/missing/invalid information summary
  • Summary of e-invoice generated and pending
  • e-Invoice rejection report
  • e-Invoice register
  • e-Invoice cancelled report

GST reports

  • GSTR-3B
  • GSTR-1
  • GSTR-2A and 2B reconciliation
  • GSTR-1A reconciliation
  • Track GST return activities
  • GST CMP-08
  • Annual computation
  • Input tax credit summary

Business reports in TallyPrime

With TallyPrime, you get access to a wide range of reports that help you analyze business performance and improve decision-making. What’s more? You can access business reports on your mobile or any device, from anywhere. Experience now with the sample data.

Accounting Reports
  • Ledger reports
  • Cash/bank books
  • Purchase/sales register
  • Bills receivables
  • Bills payables
  • Bills ageing analysis
Financial Reports
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & loss A/c
  • Trial balance
  • Ratio analysis

Inventory Reports
  • Stock summary
  • Stock ageing analysis
  • Movement analysis
  • Stock transfers
  • Stock item cost analysis
  • Location/godown summary
  • Stock-item-wise profitability
  • Order summary
  • Batch summary (Mfg. & Exp.Date)
  • Re-order status reports
Management Control Reports
  • Cost center
  • Cost Category
  • Budget
  • Cash flow report and projection

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