BizAnalyst : Tally On Mobile

Access Tally Prime real time data with data entry feature on Android / iOS device using BizAnalyst and keep an eye on your business growth without having total dependency on your accounts team.

Sale & Collection at Your fingertips with Biz Analyst

BizAnalyst Tally on Mobile By KhataBook - Trusted By 2,00,000+ Businesses

Feature List of Biz Analyst

Real Time Dashboard
  • Business overview
  • Sales trend
  • Customer outstanding
  • Supplier payables
  • Inventory watchlist
  • Income and Expenses
  • Toppers watchlist
Sales Reports
  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by product
  • Sales ordering booking
  • Pending sales
  • Top Customers
  • Top selling items
  • Customer 360
  • New customer
  • Inactive customer
  • Sales performance by group
Outstanding and collection
  • Outstanding by customer
  • Outstanding by supplier
  • Ageing outstanding
  • Upcoming payments
  • Receipt report
  • Payment report
  • Collection report
  • Outstanding autoreminder
  • (On Whatsapp, SMS, and Email)
  • Automated sharing of invoices
  • Online payment collection (UPI, credit & debit card, wallet)
Accounting reports
  • Daybook
  • General Ledger
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash & bank report
  • Income & expense report
Inventory Reports
  • Inventory summary
  • Fast & slow moving
  • Dead stock
  • Reorder stock
  • Warehouse-wise stock
Create on the go
  • Create sales invoice and share
  • Create quote
  • Book sales order
  • Capture receipts & share acknowledgement
  • Capture expense payments
  • Onboard new customers
Sales team management
  • Check-in at customer with GPS tracking
  • Check-out with photos & notes
  • Follow up reminders for your team
  • Control access to data for your team
  • Ledger groupwise reports for the time

Plans and Pricing


1 Year Plan
+ 18% GST
  1. 2 Devices
  2. 1 Desktop App + 1 Mobile App
  3. Get additional device for ₹3,000 each


3 Year Plan
+ 18% GST
  1. 2 Devices
  2. 1 Desktop App + 1 Mobile App
  3. Get additional device for ₹6,000 each


5 Year Plan
+ 18% GST
  1. 2 Devices
  2. 1 Desktop App + 1 Mobile App
  3. Get additional device for ₹9,000 each


    • All users in Essential and Growth Plan will be migrated to the new ‘Business’ plan from 1st Feb, 2024
    • For business owners using two Desktop apps: one to connect to Tally and another for self use, it would be counted as one desktop for subscription purpose.
    • The ‘Business’ plan includes access to all the features, 300 Free BA Coins and 1 TallyPrime licence can be connected
    • Any additional device purchased can be used on Mobile or Desktop
    • SMS & Whatsapp automated reminders will be chargeable via BizAnalyst Coins while Email sharing will be free.
    • Subscription charges are per mobile device per TallyPrime* license
    • 18% GST is applicable on all the plans that is available for GST Input credit.
    • BA Desktop app is currently not supported for international Tally users
    • The desktop app lets you only read, but the mobile app lets you read and write
    • Base plan is “Business” which comes with 1 fixed Desktop APP and 1 Mobile APP. Additional devices are counted apart from these two fixed devices provided with the base plan.
    • Additional Devices are “Any device”, which can be activated either on Desktop or Mobile device. Example: if you purchase five additional devices, you can activate 2 on desktop, and 3 on mobile, Or 1 on desktop and 4 on mobile, Or all 5 can be activated on mobile devices…etc

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