Tally on AWS – Optimal Solutions for Seamless TallyPrime 

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Harnessing the power of AWS, Tally Prime on AWS ensures secure access to your business data from anywhere, anytime. Utilizing a dedicated virtual machine tailored to your business needs, it offers enhanced flexibility for seamless collaboration among multiple users concurrently accessing the same dataset.

Reliable | Secure | Simple | Affordable

Key offerings from TallyPrime powered by AWS:

Here are the primary features provided by TallyPrime integrated with AWS:

    1. Privacy and Data Security Assurance: Ensures comprehensive privacy and protection for your business data, guaranteeing its confidentiality.

    2. Automated and Encrypted Data Backup: Offers automatic backup functionality with encryption, ensuring data integrity and security.

    3. Protection Against Malicious Software: Safeguards your data from viruses, malware, and ransomware, providing a secure environment for your business operations.

    4. Scalability to Meet Growing Needs: Easily accommodates increased data volumes and user demands, ensuring smooth scalability as your business expands.

    5. Compliance with Indian Statutory Regulations: Adheres to Indian statutory laws by hosting business data and backup servers locally, ensuring compliance and legal conformity for your business operations.

Tally on AWS Packages

TallyPrime Server Packages

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