How To Upgrade TallyERP 9 To TallyPrime?

If you’re considering upgrade TallyERP 9 to TallyPrime, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Tally ERP 9 is renowned as India’s leading accounting and business management software, notable for being the country’s first indigenous accounting solution. Over time, it has evolved significantly to cater to the evolving needs of businesses, primarily targeting SMEs. However, with its robust features, Tally ERP 9 is versatile enough to serve a wide range of business types, boasting a user base exceeding 2.5 million globally.

Upgrade TallyERP 9 to TallyPrime

For over thirty years, Tally Solutions has been a stalwart in the industry, evolving continuously with numerous updated versions that brought enhanced features. Recognizable by its distinctive green interface and efficient single-window navigation system, Tally ERP 9 stood out until November 9, 2020, when Tally Solutions launched its latest iteration, TallyPrime. This release marks the most significant update since Tally’s inception in 1986.

TallyPrime debuted with the tagline #MakeEveryDaySimple, emphasizing its user-friendly nature akin to its predecessor, Tally ERP 9. Designed for accessibility across diverse user demographics, TallyPrime enables seamless access to business data anytime, anywhere via web browsers, thereby enhancing overall business productivity. The new version boasts a revamped appearance, bidding farewell to the traditional green screens while improving navigation and user experience, and speeding up report generation.

With the advent of TallyPrime, many users are now seeking guidance on transitioning from Tally ERP 9. To assist with this transition, we have crafted a detailed, step-by-step tutorial outlining how to upgrade to TallyPrime from Tally ERP 9, covering all necessary requirements for a smooth migration process.

Tally Prime software represents the latest advancement in Tally’s offerings, designed to be user-friendly even for novices. It provides significant benefits for small and medium business owners, combining easy-to-use features with swift report generation. Accessing detailed reports is made effortless through the Go To navigation bar, prominently placed for quick access by users.

Here are the top ten reasons why upgrading to Tally Prime software is essential for business owners and entrepreneurs:

  1. Easy to Use UI: Tally Prime features a user-friendly interface with a Go To search bar at the top screen, allowing easy access to 90% of the menu options without extensive training or professional help.

  2. Cost Savings: Business owners can save costs by avoiding the need to hire professionals for software operation, as Tally Prime is designed to be easily usable even by beginners.

  3. Efficient Data Management: Managing data across multiple companies is simplified, as Tally Prime allows adding companies with the same password, reducing login hassles and saving time.

  4. Optimized Invoice Management: Streamlined invoice creation is facilitated by Tally Prime, eliminating unnecessary space and enabling creation of a single invoice for multiple items, ideal for businesses with diverse product lines.

  5. Effortless Data Access: Accessing all essential data such as voucher types, masters, and ledgers is made simpler through the Chart of Accounts feature, minimizing navigation time.

  6. Permanent Field Marking: Users can mark frequently used fields as permanent, enhancing efficiency by reducing the need to navigate through less frequently used details.

  7. Organized Invoice System: Tally Prime offers three customizable invoice options (Item, Accounting, and As Invoice), making invoice organization straightforward and quick, even for non-professionals.

  8. Instant Information Access: The F1 Help feature provides quick access to product, license, and connectivity information, benefiting new users and non-professionals seeking support.

  9. User-Friendly Installation: Tally Prime simplifies software installation and updates through automated processes, with support available from certified professionals when needed.

  10. Clear and Accessible Layout: The Help Menu provides easy access to error messages and essential details, enabling users to find information swiftly.

In essence, Tally Prime’s intuitive design, coupled with its powerful features and accessibility enhancements, makes it indispensable for businesses seeking efficient financial management solutions.

Check Below Points Before Upgrade

Certainly! Here are step-by-step instructions to upgrade from Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime:

1. **Check TSS Validity**: Ensure your Tally Software Service (TSS) is valid. TSS is required to upgrade and keep Tally software up-to-date. You can find your TSS validity information at the bottom of your Tally screen.

2. **Download TallyPrime Setup**:
– Visit the Tally Solutions website and download the TallyPrime.exe setup file.

3. **Install TallyPrime**:
– Double-click on the downloaded setup file to open the setup manager.
– Click on the ‘update’ button to begin the installation process.
– Once the update is complete, click on the ‘start TallyPrime’ button to launch the application.

4. **Login with User Credentials**:
– TallyPrime starts in license mode. Enter your username and password to proceed.

5. **Reactivate User License**:
– Click on the ‘reactivate user license’ button.

6. **Switch to Administrator Mode**:
– A dialogue box will prompt you to restart in administrator mode. Click ‘yes’ and enter your administrator user ID and password.

7. **Select License for Upgrade**:
– In the new screen, click on the ‘list of licenses’ button.
– Choose the Tally ERP 9 license that you want to upgrade to TallyPrime.

8. **Activate License**:
– After selecting the license, you will see a message stating “TallyPrime will access the license with serial number”. Click ‘yes’ to activate the license.

9. **Select Company Data**:
– A list of companies will appear on the screen. Choose the company from which you want to migrate data from Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime.

10. **Data Migration and Backup**:
– Before migrating data, ensure to take a backup of all your company data from Tally.ERP 9.
– Follow the prompts to migrate your data from Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime.

11. **Complete Migration**:
– Once data migration is complete, you can start using TallyPrime with your updated data.

12. **Optional: Seek Professional Help**:
– If you encounter any issues or prefer assistance, consider contacting us for support during the upgrade process.

By following these steps, you can smoothly upgrade from Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime, ensuring your accounting software is up-to-date and ready to use with enhanced features and functionality.

Renew Tally Software Services (TSS)

TallyPrime TSS Silver

2 Years
Effective price ₹ 4,050/Year +18% GST (₹ 1,458)
  1. Single user edition For Standalone PCs
  2. (2 Years Plan)

TallyPrime TSS Gold

2 Years
Effective price ₹ 12,150/Year +18% GST (₹ 4,374)
  1. Multi user edition For multiple PCs on LAN
  2. (2 Years Plan)

TallyPrime TSS Auditor's

2 Years
Effective price ₹ 6,075/Year +18% GST (₹ 2,187)
  1. Applicable for Auditor edition only
  2. (2 Years Plan)

TallyPrime TSS Silver

1 Year
+18% GST (₹ 810)
  1. Single user edition For Standalone PCs
  2. (1 Year Plan)

TallyPrime TSS Gold

1 Year
+18% GST (₹ 2,430)
  1. Multi user edition For multiple PCs on LAN
  2. (1 Year Plan)

TallyPrime TSS Auditor's

1 Year
+18% GST (₹ 1,215)
  1. Applicable for Auditor edition only
  2. (1 Year Plan)