Tally Prime 3.0

Tally Prime 3.0 - Most Revolutionary Software From The House Of Tally.

Tally Solutions had announced its latest product TallyPrime, which will bring a major shift on the working and look of Tally.

Tally.ERP 9 was very simple and flexible to use. With Tally Prime, we have taken this simplicity and flexibility to a whole new level. This will increase the efficiency of operations in TallyPrime and result in faster completion of work. We are sure that once you experience the product, not only will you enjoy it, but also will never feel like using anything else.

Occasionally, you get the opportunity to transform what you consider normal. Once you do that, you cannot imagine life without having made the transition. At Tally, over the last 30 years we have been making software that tries to give you this experience - while helping you automate your accounting, inventory, compliance, etc.

In the last few months, we have been working towards reimagining the familiar experience of Tally and are now proud to share our new product – TallyPrime, with you.

With TallyPrime, our objective has been to

(1) Simplify the simplest so you can discover the product easily and make the product do more for you without learning anything new

(2) Introduce greater flexibility to help the product adapt even more to your business and way or working

(3) Transform the look and feel to make you love the product even more

The Tally Prime Release 3.0 comes with the following enhancements:

GSTR Reconciliation
Reconcile your books with GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A / GSTR-2B seamlessly by simply importing the statement.

Multiple GSTIN
Manage transactions and returns related to multiple GSTNs from the same company and consolidate your data with greater ease and efficiency.

Powerful Report Filters
The all new "Filter in Reports" feature comes with a simplified one-click experience to filter data in reports, making data analysis extremely easier and effective.

Faster GST Returns
Generate GST returns from TallyPrime 3.0 at lightning-fast speed.

Integration with Payment gateways
Integration with payment gateways like PayU and RazorPay to generate and share payment links via sms and emails.
UPI based dynamic QR code generation and printing in the invoice and reminder letter.

Voucher Numbering & Voucher Series Capabilities
The automatic method of voucher numbering is now enhanced to have an auto-retain voucher numbering system during insertion or deletion. Also, you can create multiple voucher numbering series for the same voucher type and maintain unique numbering.

Key Highlights

You can now quickly access your business data through different reports and conveniently switch between them no matter where you are in Tally using our new GoTo feature.

You can now handle interruptions during data entry and multi-task better. You will be able to perform actions like Printing, Emailing & Exporting any reports from wherever you are in Tally, without abandoning your current tasks using the Top Menu.

With TallyPrime, it is now super easy to generate reports as per your needs. New actions like change view, basis of value, exception reports, which are available across all reports, will allow you to view all the related and exception reports to get better business insights.

Recording your vouchers and masters in Tally Prime is extraordinarily simple and intuitive. With feature like More Details you can now easily handle any exceptional situations in day to day working. This means less effort and time in getting work done.

It is much more convenient & faster now to access data of different companies in TallyPrime. You can now load multiple companies with the same credentials using a single-sign-on facility.

TallyPrime will make your life much easier, so that you can focus on what’s most important – Growth!

Here are some other enhancements that have been introduced to make your life simpler.

TallyPrime has been designed in a way that you will rarely need any support or help in running the product as per your needs. In case you do, in-product help will guide you so you can figure a way out yourself. Still need to reach out to us? We are just a call away. Your product and system information in the About page will help us help you better.

The product comes with an intelligent setup manager. This tool can interact with all the components of the system where Tally is running and guide you to troubleshoot licensing or application run-time issues, if any

Printing out your invoices and reports is not only much more convenient in TallyPrime with the print anything from anywhere capability but also eco-friendly. You can now save 50% of paper with the optimized way of printing

Introduction of windows key combinations like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V for harmonization

You can now traverse windows folders from within the product while finding a location to either create company data in or to load existing company data

Mouse compatibility has been enhanced in the product so you can use the product as comfortably as you use it with the keyboard

Introduction of Single Sign On experience so you can load multiple companies with the same credentials using a single log-in

Introduction of Change Mode to toggle between the various modes of a transaction without needing to worry about pre-configurations

Buy Tally Prime 3.0
Tally Prime Silver

Single user edition
For Standalone PCs

₹ 18,000

+18% GST (₹ 3,240)

Tally Prime Gold

Unlimited multi-user edition For multiple PCs on LAN environment

₹ 54,000

+18% GST (₹ 9,720)

Tally Software Services (TSS)
Tally Prime Silver

Single user edition
for Standalone PCs

₹ 3,600

+18% GST (₹ 648)

Tally Prime Gold

Unlimited multi-user edition
for multiple PCs on LAN

₹ 10,800

+18% GST (₹ 1,944)

Tally Prime Auditor

Applicable only for CA's
Having valid BAP Version

₹ 5,400

+18% GST (₹ 972)

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