Spine – Payroll Software With Employee Self Service

Spine – Payroll Software With Employee Self Service

Spine Payroll is a very simple, flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management software specially for INDIA, that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of employees’ Payroll. Spine Payroll stores complete records of the employees, generates Pay-slips and Attendance Register, Computes all allowances and deductions and generates all Statutory and MIS report

Spine Payroll is only salary processing software with good no and wide-industry range of client base in Mumbai , INDIA. It offers very high flexibility in defining various allowances, deductions, leave rules etc. for the employees and all formula for P.F, PF TRUST., F.P.F., E.S.I.C., Profession Tax, Income Tax etc. are definable and changeable at User's end

Over the past decade SPINE has gained vast expertise by serving thousands of client across India and many neighboring countries. Spine Payroll solutions are been used, trusted and appreciated by major segments where Accounts, Hr, It & Admin Teams have benefited with integrated solutions. System is designed in way that all of them are connected to same system the roles and responsibility can be assign and partial module or function rights can be shared. Going one step Ahead spine payroll is also equipped additional utility with which the data access restriction can be made on location basis.

Key Features
• Designed for Windows.
• Powered Wtih RDBMS Technology ( Ms Access / Ms SQL / Oracle )
• Compatible with ERP Solutions ( Navision , Pronto )
• Compatible with Accounting Software Like ( Tally ).
• Export for Banks ( Power Pay Accounts ) Ready format of ICICI, SBI, ABN Amro , HDFC, ING Vyasa
• Compatible with any Time Recording Machine.
• Master Data Import.
• Multi User / User Level Access
• Minimum User Entry
• Multi Company.
• User define Allowances , Deduction ( Set your Own Formula / Fixed Pay / Annualized Pay etc. )
• With Full & Final Settlement.
• Comprehensive Report Writer

Statutory Report
• Salary Register
• ESIC Challan
• PF Challan
• E.D.L.I.
• Prof. Tax
• TDS Challan
• Income Tax FORMS Form 16a , Form 16AA , 12BA , 24 , eTDS Form 24 & Form 24Q
• Wage Register

Leave Management
• Automatic leave balance calculation with carry forward to next year with prior setup of maximum leave.
• Leave Rules Very comprehensive Leave Rules can be built in
• Maximum days for each type.
• Calculations based on working days or calendar days.
• Whether the leave is allowed to be carried forward.
• Number of days allowed to be carried forward.
• Automatic Credit based on these rules, on accumulation basis.
• Facility to credit leave based on number of days/months worked.
• Encashment of leave.
• Pro-rated leave credit each month, if applicable.

Spine Payroll is compatible with Swap Card Machines, Accounting Software and ERP Software and an interface can be provided for import/export of data. At present, Spine Payroll is being used by over 1000 installations all over India. The users include small and medium enterprises to big corporations. Spine is also carrying the special credential for quick go live, dedicated support and timely version release for statutory compliances. Our Products are designed keeping complex requirements of various industries. Solutions are periodically improved on valuable feedback from end-users keeping the need of evolving environment. Spine Payroll is designed to have minimum input and maximum output concept built in to it, wherein apart of vast standard report module, user can design their own reports for critical management MIS which requires on periodic basis.

Your existing employee & their payroll data if it is stored in excel formats can be easily imported in to our software.

User can build formula , can define heads of pay (including functions like (if, and, mod, int, min, or, not, floor, ceiling, round etc..); math operators like (,), *, +, -, =, <, <=, >, >= etc and fields like age in years, gender, category etc apart from an unparalleled combination of your company's earnings & deductions.

Dynamic Org charts, Tree structure, Charts and graphs on net salary or any user defined formula or employee count / department , branch basis etc.

Different types of salary calculation methods based on annual / calendar / 30 days / calendar excluding weekly offs / daily basis etc

Email pay slips and I T Projections instead of printing them ( to group of employee or individually ) giving tremendous cost savings.

Spine Payroll has a very flexible report writer built into it. Besides all the statutory reports and monthly pay slips, payroll sheets and other standard management reports, the user can design his own customized reports by selecting many of the fields within the reports. Report Writer can save your different query any conditional display of report made possible.

Spine Payroll automates the whole process without any human intervention saving enormous amount of time. You may set up rules for each allowance and deduction whether they affect arrears or not. You can run arrears which can be on random basis , bring to the specific amount, bring the same to the latest pay structure.

Spine Payroll produces report like why there is a difference of pay against last month. It can be coz of New Requirements , Resignation , Absenteeism or Over Work etc. The whole process is very user friendly that user can select his own criteria to get the accurate result.

We are offering you the multi user facility with superior access control along with the employee can see their own payslip,IT Projections, Leave Details , Loan Details , Current profile etc. on internet/intranet High integrity and solid corporate values Stringent implementation of Quality standards

Spine combines all the aspects of payroll,
HR and workforce talent management in a
one-stop-shop HR software solution

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