Spine – HRMS Software & Payroll With Employee Self Service

Spine – HRMS Software & Payroll With Employee Self Service

Spine HR Suite is a complete end-to-end and easy and affordable solution for payroll processing in India used by thousands of small and medium businesses, multinationals, finance companies and several other companies across diversified domains

Spine HR Suite combines all the aspects of payroll, HR and workforce talent management in a one-stop-shop HR software solution delivering dramatic business benefits for your organization. The solution includes HR, Payroll, and Reporting, Workforce Analytics, Business Intelligence, Time and Attendance scheduling, Performance management, succession management and many more making it a complete Payroll and HRMS software solution for companies in India and abroad. Whether you are an HR director, CFO, HR Manager, payroll professional or hiring manager, Spine HR Suite is ideally suited to fulfill all your HR requirements. Right from employee induction till employee exit, Spine HR Suite is fully capable of managing all your HR activities like staffing, MIS, leave tracking, appraisals, training, orientation, promotions and many more

Spine HR Suite eliminates HR nightmares like duplicate HR entries, multiple reports in Excel and data migration hassles. And since everything is online, you can access it from any location thus making Spine a pioneer and leading HR software and Services Company in Mumbai and India.

Spine HR Suite automatically calculates your employee’s leave records, deductions, loans, accurate quarterly eTDS/Form 16, Provident fund and submission, MIS, Arrears calculation, Overtime calculation, Bonus calculation, incentive commission and many many more. It thus contains all the essential features that any organization will require making it a complete HRMS and Payroll Management software solution.

With features such as Employee Info, Training, Leave management, compliance management, Report builder, Recruitment module, Asset tracking, Helpdesk, Reimbursement, Employee Self-service, 360° Appraisals, Organization chart, Attendance integration, Payroll management, Employee Document and many more, Spine provides complete end-to-end solution that takes care of the complete employee staffing life-cycle from recruitment till exit.

Now your HR Department can easily roll out your employee’s salaries without undergoing the cumbersome job of scanning bulky registrars with the help of our online payroll processing software system. Spine is thus a pioneer in developing workforce management software in India and is always updated with all the statutory compliances and Income tax forms thus making it one of the best payroll processing software solutions available. With the advantage of being accessed from any location in the world and multiple company options, you can track your employee records while sitting in a coffee shop in Delhi or waiting in transit for the connecting flight to New York.

As your employees increase, so do their needs. In today’s ever-evolving life-style, employees may need impromptu leaves; claim reimbursements while on sales trip or provide rent details. Enter Spine’s MyLogin – a self service module which makes your employees independent. They no longer need to send emails and reminders to your HR making life tough for both. They can now take care of their own needs and requests and generate reports. With Spine as your workforce management software solution, all these tasks are performed with ease.

Spine HR Suite is thus comprehensive and advanced payroll processing software for small business, medium business and large conglomerates to perform their HR and Payroll functions seamlessly thus reducing their administrative and operational costs.

Key Feature Highlights of Spine HR Suite:

Spine EIS & Payroll System covering Employee Joining till FNF:
EIS Management:

• Comprehensive Employee Information System (EIS) from Basic Employee Information, qualification, previous job experience, past emoluments, document management, Language to skill set with group mediclaim management.
• Creation of fields as per user choice & user definable Mandatory field selection.
• Robust & Flexible Salary structure to address location specific critical pay policies.
• Import Module to migrate huge amount of existing data including masters along with monthly payroll data of past months.

Payroll Management:
• Flexible Leave, Loan & Reimbursement Management.
• Monthly payroll process, Payslip mass email to employees, Bank Transfer soft files & Letters with Salary & Wage Registers.
• Advanced Supplementary & Arrears Calculation Module.
• Retrospective Impact of Increment with arrears calculation & statutory posting in challans & returns.
• Monthly Headcount Analysis with Payout, Monthly Reconciliation & Graphical Representation of data.

Statutory Compliance:
Up to date statutory compliance covering P.F. / P.T. / E.S.I.C. / L.W.F. / Income Tax / Bonus / Gratuity & Encashment Provisions.
Generation of password protected Form16 with mass email to employees.
Integration with Tally ERP / Accounting Software for Monthly Salary & Provisional JV through standard interface.

MIS & Advanced Features:
• Employee Progression Report with Historic CTC, Promotion, Transfer & Increment.
• Full & Final Settlement with recovery of assets & revoking the charges of employee.
• Report Writer Module to address any complex report requirement.
• Advanced & Secured data security policies to create user profile, assign rights, tracking their activity, user log report with freeze of process data at month end.
• Flexibility to configure the setup as per requirement.
• Employee Assets allocation features with Recovery during FnF.
• Letter writing feature to manage employee correspondence in detail.
• Mass email communication with employees to convey events & announcement.

Employee Self Service Module:
• Gateway Module to create & manage employee profile with status By ADMIN of system.
• Stringent Password Policies for data protection.
• Compatible with Single Sign On / Active Directory & LDAP Integration.
• HR Dash board Polls, Thought of Day, News & Events, Organization Chart and Holiday Calendar etc.
• Comprehensive Policy Document Management for up to date information to employee on Company Rules, Vision Mission Statement etc.
• Employee Profile View, Edit with update of photo & Approving process by HR to update Master Database.
• Leave Balances with drop down to ledger level view.
• Loan Balances with drop down to ledger level view, Repayment Schedule & available respective balances of various Loans.
• Reimbursement details with ledger level view, vouchers status & available of various Reimbursement heads balances.
• Current CTC View, Current & Historic Payslips along with Summarized payslip & Monthly Comparison Report for Financial Year.
• Download payslip, Tax projection to save on local drives.
• Submit Income Tax Investment Declarations online.
• Approval of Declaration Amount by HR.
• Employee wise Income Tax Projection report on Investment declarations.
• Photo gallery to share photographs of any event & occasion to the employee.
• Comprehensive Employee document management with Upload & down load facility by employee which will be approved by HR / Admin.
• Employee can view list of assets allocated to them.
• Organization chart based on mapping of hierarchy.
• Previous Job Salary Update by Employees.

eSSM Advance:
• Employee Search Directory will allow to locate various contact details of employee spreaded across various geography.
• Dashboard Light menu will allow to highlight key activities to be compulsory displayed to employees before landing to homepage.
• Organization Corporate View will allow employees to view holistic information about the other employees in organizational.
• Loan Adjustment Module will allow employees to place request for alteration in specific month deduction, post approval transaction will be posted in payroll process.
• HR Info Module will Facilitates enumerated comprehension to Payroll User on various Master creation & Employee Information addition in Spine HR.
• Payroll User can login as PAYROLL profile in Spine HR to view Dynamic Organization Graphical Head Count Dashboard along with option to filter data on various demography & growth.
• Report Writer Tool will allow Payroll User to extract Employee information Data from software with multiple combinations.
• Import Module will facilitate Payroll User to upload Employee Master Data & respective Details.

Employee Life Cycle:

Joining & On-Boarding:
• Welcome Emails with user friendly instruction to complete on-boarding.
• System driven process flow to complete the on-board cycle & collecting various employee details along with compliance information / documents.
• Approval of collected information by HR & updated the master records.

Confirmation Process:
• Auto Remainder Email will be initiated to Employee / HOD & HR to review Probationary / Temporary Employee & make them confirmed if criteria matched.
• Confirmation Request can be initiated by Employee or HOD & request will flow as per work flow defined for approval.

Employee Exit Request & Clearance Module:
• Employee can place the request of resignation online.
• Comprehensive Exit Interview form to be submitted by employee.
• The request will be immediately escalated to HOD & HR Head through the email intimation for their further course of action.
• Exit Request Approval / sign-off by various departments along with final sign-off by HR with detailed input of Exit interviews.
• Approved resigned request will be automatically update to SPINE EIS / PAYROLL – FNF Module to complete the process & relieve the employee.

• Comprehensive survey features to capture the feedback of employees periodically along with reports & analysis.
• Survey Module can be activated to take feedback from employee on their experience with defined system & process.

Work Flow:
• Approval Level Creation to manage process management.
• Module wise approving process to manage transaction with life cycle of each application.
• User Friendly Employee Mapping process on reporting with organization hierarchy.
• Work Transfer Module to cover transaction forwarding to alternate approver or revoke responsibility of HOD leaving organization.
• Transaction tracking feature for employee & HODs for progress of application status.
• Transaction management module for better control of pending items.

• Leave Management:
• Flexibility to Create Leave / Compensatory/Out door duty Application Policy as per requirement.
• Setting Parameters for Leave / Compensatory/Out door duty application.
• Graphical HR Dash board with Leave analysis for leave utilization for current month with filtration.
• Leave utilization graph for the current year as well as for last couple of years.
• Auto mail initiations by system on apply, approve & reject of leaves to User & HOD respectively.
• Comprehensive view on various information of employee to HOD before approving leave.
• Auto posting of approved leave in SPINE EIS & PAYROLL at month end payroll process.
• Leave Cancellation Request by Employee with option to auto approval of same for future date.
• Leave encashment request by employee with HR approval.
• Leave Enhancement / Adjustment option to HR.
• Leave Planner to view the Team members Leaves Plans.
• Various Leave MIS for HOD & HR.

Time Attendance Management (TAM):
• Facility to capture attendance related data from multiple source e.g. Bio-Metric Machines, Swipe Card Interface, Face Recognition Device, Online Login – Logout & Daily or Monthly Muster Based Data capturing by HODs.
• Comprehensive attendance policy designing module to configure location or group specific rules & regulations by shift definition along with shift roster.
• HOD can also manage Shift Roster for their Team.
• Attendance Regularization by HOD.
• Monthly Attendance Report to employee, HOD & HR.
• Irregular attendance will be regularized by respective HOD with their notes.
• Graphical HR Dash board with attendance analysis for leave utilization for current month with filtration.
• Working Hours ratio against OT Hours in current month & for the whole year.
• Employee can apply for Shift change request with approval of HR.
• Shift transfer option to HOD / HR to manage their team movement.
• Publish Holiday Calendar and seek option of selecting optional holiday by individual employee of their choice.
• OT Claim & Approval Module with option to apply Over Time Hours by Employees / HOD & approval from HR for payment of OT during payroll cycle.

Claims / Reimbursement Management:
• Flexibility to Create Claims / Reimbursement Application Policy as per requirement.
• Setting Parameters for Claims / Reimbursement application.
• Facility to define flexi basket for employee to select the desire CTC components with Approval by respective HOD.
• Auto mail initiations by system on apply, approve & reject of Claims / Reimbursement to User & HOD respectively.
• Auto posting of approved Claims / Reimbursement in SPINE PAYROLL at month end payroll process.
• Graphical analysis for Reimbursement allocated against Claimed for the whole year.
• Reimbursement Head wise graphical comparison for allocation & utilization.

Expense Management:
• Flexibility to Create Expense Application Policy as per requirement.
• Setting Parameters for Expense application.
• Expense application by employees along with document submission.
• Auto mail initiations by system on apply, approve & reject of Expense to User & HOD respectively.
• Auto posting of approved Expense in SPINE PAYROLL at month end payroll process.

Training & Induction Management:
• Creation of Training Programme.
• Employee can place the request for training programme with approval by respective HOD.
• Recommendation of Employees by HOD or HR for specific training programme.
• Comprehensive Tracking of training programme from Employee participation, feedback on attended training, reviews by HOD & HR.
• Posting of various information of training completion to update employee profile with cost tracking.
• Integration of training with PMS, Training Recommendation while appraisal will be available.
• Historic Datasheet to employee & HR on training attended.

Performance Management System (PMS):
• Creation of Appraisal Calendar as per choice of HR (Quarterly / Six Monthly / Yearly)
• Comprehensive parameters setting for KRA / KSA / GOALS with Benchmark by HR.
• Facility to create KRA / KSA / GOALS Library for future calendar mapping.
• Self Appraisal by Employee with multiple review options by HOD & HR.
• Comprehensive employee details during various appraisal process including Achievements, offenses & sickness history, if any.
• Compilation of final review data & generation of Appraisal scorecard.
• Dynamic graphical representation of data along with comparison of various calendar & appraisal parameters.
• Direct Integration of scorecard for increment / promotion in SPINE EIS & Payroll with recommendation on Career & Succession planning for Team Member.
• Under performing team members can be evoked towards GAP Analysis process or performance improvement plan (PIP) or training program available in Spine Training Module.

Recruitment Management:
• Manpower Budget Module to define resource requirement.
• Comprehensive Manpower Requisition Form (MRF) to submit the vacancy request.
• Approval of Manpower Requisition by various hierarchies along with Checking and bifurcating man power requisition for replacement, fresh or budgeted.
• Spine RECRUITMENT MODULE will automate the hiring process with comprehensive & user friendly interface for candidate database.
• Facility to source the candidate database from various agencies along with import facility.
• Assignment of approved VACANCY to specific in-house recruiter for better tracking and sharing responsibilities.
• Facility to define interview panel, panel members & interview round for each designation.
• Dynamic interview process & capturing review at all rounds / levels.
• Better visibility of candidate data through-out process of interview and selection by capturing over all details of candidate in one page, accessible from various options.
• MIS on each level with advanced search on candidate data.
• Auto mapping of selected candidates in Employee Master Database with issue of relevant letters & CTC fitment.
• Facility to capture cost of hiring along with various other overheads.
• Reconciliation of replacement with employee exiting and joining.
• Selected candidate will be seamlessly getting integrated in Spine EIS with creation of employee master database.

Time Sheet Management:
• Employee can update Weekly Time Sheet entry for multiple Projects / Tasks allocated to him.
• Employee can submit detailed Time Sheet with description of activities conducted.
• Facility to capture TIME as well as numeric value of time invested for activity.
• Approval of Time Sheet as per process hierarchy defined in Spine Work Flow module.
• HOD or HR can redirect the unapproved Time Sheet to respective employees for changes.
• Analysis Reports for HOD & HR as per Employee wise, Project wise & Defaulters.
• Time Sheet Re-initialization for Employees by HR if submitted incomplete sheet.

Travel Request Management:
• Travel Request application by Employee to the Travel Desk Manager to initiate the travel process.
• The Travel Desk Manager forwards the Travel Request to the Travel Desk Team.
• The Travel Desk Team makes arrangements for tickets, accommodation & other requirements based on the Travel Request.
• Travel Desk Team sends travel details along with tickets to Travel Desk Manager & Employee.

Help Desk Management:
• Employee can submit queries online related to their issues.
• Respective Team will respond to queries.
• Detail Query Log report can be generated as per selection.

Request Desk Management:
• Facility to create Request Category & Sub-Category.
• Comprehensive Work Flow can be mapped with multiple Request Categories.
• Employee can submit Request / Concern / Queries online related to their issues to HR / PAYROLL / ADMIN / IT / ACCOUNTS or Any other matter.
• Transaction can be review & will be escalated to respective department.
• Respective Team will respond to request.
• Detail Transaction Log report can be generated as per selection.
• Sign-off will be available & initiator will provide confirmation on transaction closure.

Visitor Management System:
• Tracking of visitor movement start from HOST online request for visitor arrival.
• Request approval by security or reception with gate pass printing.
• Final online exit of Guest by HOST to get the comprehensive visitor log location / department / host wise.
• The above process eliminates the possibility of PROXI visitors.
• Request approval by security or reception with gate pass printing.
• Final online exit of Guest by HOST to get the comprehensive visitor log location / department / host wise.
• The above process eliminates the possibility of PROXI visitors.

Spine combines all the aspects of payroll, HR
and workforce talent management in a one-stop-shop
HR software solution
Spine eliminates HR nightmares like
duplicate HR entries, multiple reports
in Excel and data migration hassle
Highlights of Spine
Complete Web Based HRMS Software
Mobile Friendly Solution
Parameterized and Configurable
HRMS and Payroll Solution
Dynamic Workflow
Centralize and De-Centralize Data
Managment as per your Company
Report Builder to Design Your Own
Customized Reports
Spine eliminates HR nightmares like
duplicate HR entries, multiple reports
in Excel and data migration hassle
Multiple and Configurable Widgets on
Dynamic Dashboard
Recognizes stages in employee's
career path to assist their manager
/ management and optimize associated processes.
Empowering Managers with
Advanced features to ascertain &
perform transactional HR activities.
Automates your disconcerting human
resource management processes &
focus on managing your most
estimable assets - Your employees.
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