CRM for Tally Prime

CRM for Tally Prime

A major advantage you will gain as a business when using CRM Software for Tally Prime is simply this-when a customer makes contact either by phone or over the counter CRM Software for Tally Prime will instantly pop open your customer’s record, glean the most relevant information in relation to the customer’s preferences and likes and it prepares you to sell at the time of the contact. No other software gives you this remarkable sales advantage. To use the example of Clay pigeon shooting, CRM Software for Tally Prime prepares you to target and shoot (highly personalized sales ready messages) automatically every time your customer makes contact based on their individual preferences. If it is any other software, by the time you open up the record and read through the first line, the pigeon i.e. your customer would have flown.

CRM Software for Tally Prime combines data from most operational sources such as customer interaction and transactional data, to sales analytics using existing customer data including personal, demographic and contact data to create a complete view of each customer. For successful customer analytics and response you need to be able to extract relevant customer attributes in real time. CRM Software for Tally Prime enables this through segmentation, colour coding, customer insights, interaction details and dialogue modeling and more.

To summarize, it gives you:

A single informed view of your customer
Improved sales effectiveness
Improved contact effectiveness
Improved quote-to-order process
Improved customer acquisition rates
Improved customer retention rates
Improved cross-selling rates
Increased service effectiveness
Single informed view of customer

All information regarding each customer is made easily accessible at the time the customer makes contact. This improves customer service and efficiency and creates a consistent and compliant customer experience. You can record detailed information for customers and suppliers, both at the company-level (Customer and Supplier Accounts) and for individuals (Contacts). You can empower your staff to provide high levels of customer service with a complete record of customer communications. Easily review upcoming activities, sales opportunities.

CRM Software for Tally Prime includes fully-integrated scheduling and task management to track both internal and customer activities, including multiple participants and resources, with pop-up reminders and To-Do's, Dashboards

Customer contact history CRM Software for Tally Prime
captures and stores every customer activity across each point of contact. Real time decision making

CRM Software for Tally Prime is able to work in real time, allowing pricing and application decisions to be made accurately and quickly. It saves unnecessary effort from your staff, this can significantly increase conversion rates.

CRM Software for Tally Prime’s intuitive interface enables quick access and assessment of comprehensive information on each customer. Quick workflows and call scripting ensure staff would take the most efficient route to resolving customer enquiries and to progress sales.

Manage customer accounts, import leads, distribute them and create automated follow-up reminders. Track detailed opportunity information, including competitor information, and create customized sales stages, based on product or service lines. Use the Product and Customer segmentation features to forecast future revenue, and target the most profitable accounts.

Opportunity Management
Sales Workflow Automation
Lead Generation
Team Selling & Management

Empower your customer service, help desk or support staff, with an integrated system that tracks all communications and provides the full overview needed to improve customer satisfaction.
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